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I have an 11 month only child at the moment and I think I have heard every one of these comments aside from the ones having to do with having many children. Every one of these comments gets on my nerves. I have a hard time controlling my temper when I am stressed so many a person has been snapped at for making such stupid comments.

I think my least favorite ones are the ones that insinuate that your child will be a terror as a teen because I know that how your child behaves as a teenager has a lot to do with how they are raised so I suppose I take it as an insult. I also hated the "You're gonna want an epidural!" comments from my mother in law and from friends who have never given birth. However, I think those comments are a lot of what made me want to follow through with my natural labor and delivery. After 27 hours of labor I was pretty tired and ready to just get him out of me, but I couldn't let those nay sayers be right. Lol!
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