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Re: WWYD: Talking to kids about religion?

Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
I wouldn't do it. If the child has questions about Judaism they could be answered by a Rabbi but giving an 8 year old child an overview of religions seems like a recipe for confusion. My parents (who are atheists) tried to do the same thing and it caused all kinds of confusion. I think learning about other religions is great but at 8 you are still trying to sort out the faith you are being raised in (assuming you have one). If the child was 14 I think my answer would be different. My suggestion would be to have coffee with the mother and THE MOTHER can ask you her dd's questions and you and the mother can talk about the answers ,then MOM can talk to her dd about it as she sees fit.
Yes, the child is a little young, I'd be more comfortable with it if the child was in their early teens. Perhaps you could recommend some resources for the mom to read to answer the questions herself.
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