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Re: Bare Bottles OR Your Suggestion :)

I have a very picky EBF baby and tried a ton of bottles before we found what worked for her. What we found to be the best were the Lansinoh mOmma bottles. DD latches onto them the same as she does the breast. The flow is perfect! Maybe TMI, but I noticed that the shape of the mOmma nipple is pretty much the same as the shape of mine after she nurses, so I suppose that's why she has taken to it so well.

Just another tip...I'm not a huge fan of the round shaped bottle itself. I found that the mOmma nipples fit perfectly onto some of the other bottles I tried like Avent Classic and Think Baby! I've also heard that they fit the wide neck Born Free bottles. The vent is in the nipple, so it really doesn't matter what bottle you use with it as long as it fits .

Here's a link!
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