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Re: Denied Prenatal Care?

Originally Posted by evasimone View Post
I have to wonder if you find it equally disrespectful that this doctor basically poo-pooed this mother's desire for a VBAC? Why would she want a provider who tells her on the first visit "you can't do it."?
I disagree with his assessment of her VBAC chances, personally. Yes, it is true that if you get to complete and there is "failure to descend" then your chances of VBAC are slim. That's because that kind of scenario is indicative of a poorly shaped pelvis (ex/ possibly platypelloid). However, the position of the passenger (baby) matters as well as the passageway (shape of the pelvis). If the baby was malpositioned (which it sounds like he/she was- as it was OP), then it very well could have been a problem with the position of the passenger, not the passageway. The only way to know for sure is to have a TOL with another baby (hopefully in another position) and see what happens.

So, to answer your question- I dont' think it's disrespectful for a provider to accurately convey to the woman her chances of VBAC success. I think it would be more disrespectful for a provider to tell a woman she was a great candidate when in fact she wasn't. There are several different VBAC success calculators out there- perhaps he was looking at one of those. However, given the extenuating circumstances of the OP presentation, I'm not sure the number he quoted was accurate.

And I say all of that as a VBAC mom myself. I've had 2 VBACs (the first even being an HBAC, which I wouldn't do again) and am attempting another VBAC with this baby. I know how hard it is to get a TOL, but I'm also a realist.
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