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Re: C-section ?s

Originally Posted by kileysmama View Post
1) How soon before I can hold my baby?
2) How does the csxn affect breastfeeding? How soon can I breastfeed? I've dealt with oversupply with my other two, but I've heard planned csxns often struggle with supply?
3)With my vaginal births I never took anything other than motrin...obviously I'll likely be needing something stronger this time around. How has this affected your LOs when breastfeeding?
4)How soon before usually before you're in a postpartum room typically?
5)I desperately want to be able to see my other 2 girls that afternoon/evening. They are 4 and DD2 will be 21 months when I have this LO...I don't want to traumatize them either...will it be appropriate for them to visit?
6)I'm assuming I'll need someone with me the first night especially if I want to keep baby with me, but I prefer DH to go home with the others kiddos to try and keep things as normal as possible. Will I need someone after the first night with minimal help from the nurses or would I even be able to keep baby with me?
7)How awful is it going home...especially with older kiddos (DD1 is 4 and fairly independent, but super active...and sassy. DD2 again will be 21 mos., and she's super attached to me now). I've told DH that he needs to take at least 2 weeks off of work. Will that be enough?
1) I never went to "recovery." I was wheeled straight from the OR back to the L & D room which is where we had put our stuff inititally, and where we spent the next four days (it was an emergency c due to HELLP). I had a very rough first 24 hrs because of the meds I was on due to HELLP, but the c-section went very well and DH and DS never even left the OR until I was wheeled out. We all went down the hallway back to the room together, DS was never out of my sight. I didn't have to request or demand this at all, this was just how it was done at the hospital. He was placed in my arms shortly after we returned back to the room, I don't know how well I was actually holding him and I'm sure I had help from DH. Sorry I can't remember enough (the meds) to be more specific. The meds were horrific to keep me from having a stroke.

Breastfeeding was VERY rough, and he ended up being FF, I don't know how much of that was inexperience on my part, lack of latch on his part, due to a c-section, etc. We tried like heck. I wish, in retrospect, I had at least gotten a pump and gone that route. But even the lactation consultants couldn't get good breastfeeding established. He lost too much weight, was fussy as heck because he was hungry, and finally bottles were introduced. We tried for weeks to BF but it just never worked for us. There were other issues going on as well though and it just didn't unfortunately happen. Luckily he was a VERY healthy baby and did well on formula.

I would not have had kids visit me, if I'd had other kids (DS was our first, now pregnant with the second) for the first 36 hrs or so. That is strictly because of the high meds I was on, again, due to HELLP. I have virtually no memory of the first 24 hrs after the c-section, I could NOT stay awake no matter how hard I tried, I was throwing up,etc. I was very sick and we were on the high risk foor. We did have visitors, but close friends and family only. If my DS saw me like that, I think he would be freaked out. So if that happens again, he won't be allowed to visit until I'm more normal.

My DH had two weeks off too. We have four big dogs, they are good dogs (don't jump, etc) but there's just no way I could have done everything by myself. I couldn't even hardly get out of bed from a laying position by myself the first week or two because of the incision. I was on good meds, I can't remember what, and it helped but it only dulls the pain so be realistic about recovery. Once I was up I was ok as long as I walked slowly.

If I have to have another c-section, we are planning to use an in home daycare on our street that we use on occasion. He'll go perhaps half a day, then come home for lunch, a nap, then a few hrs before bed. This way it helps with recovery. I simply can't imagine having a toddler (he'll be 2 and 3/4 yrs old when baby #2 is due) and a newborn while recovering from a c-section. He loves the daycare though, and we can afford it with a budget, so I know that may nto be an option for everyone. He'll have more fun there than here with tired parents and a newborn. Not all kids may be the same.
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