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Re: 1st/2nd grade curriculum ?? NOT religious?

I don't know anything like that that is secular. But, you can piece together what you need with different curriculum. You'll need to do that anyway if you want different grade levels for different subjects. So, you'll need a program for phonics, reading, handwriting, math, science and anything else you want her to have at this level. Personally, at K and first I think anything other than the 3 R's is option. I could list some programs out, but I only know of Christian ones. Then, once you have them, you just go at your own pace for each one.

For year round, it is just something you decide you want to do and do it. Any curriculum can be year round. You just do it over the year instead of over the "school" year. Very few are written to be date specific. Although, sometimes you'll have to move around holiday units, usually not though.

As for outings, you can toss those in any time. A lot of people have one specific day every week that they do outings or field trips, like every Friday or every Wed.

I don't know if I was any help or not, but try searching this forum for secular curriculum. I know you aren't the only one wanting that, though most of what is discussed is Christian based.

Have you looked at Heart of Dekota? It is Christian, but I think it would be easy to take that out if you wanted because it's not integrated in. (Though all the materials will have that world view.) With them, you can also pick your own LA and math.

Just some random thoughts.
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