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IDDSO: *This* tag blanket (used ok!!) and more

IDDDSO This exact tag blanket, used is fine!!

Other color combos might also be ok! Please please let me know if you have one!

This is what my DD uses as her security blanket and I need another one! Hers is shredding and I will sell my soul for a replacement! Our Walmarts do not sell them instore and they are not available online. Does anyone have one their LO is not using? I would take used, no problem! Please help if you can <3

Preemie cloth diapers!

Hello Kitty anything
Blues Clues anything
newborn rompers/footie pj's
KitchenAid accessories
Custom knitted coming home outfit

OS pockets
Nourishing Traditions (book)
Knitting needles (various sizes and lengths)
Brother 4 thread serger, used only a couple times
NWOT nursing tank size L (fits like a M imo)
NWOT BreastFriend nursing pillow (neutral)
More to come...

I can make:
Wetbags (any size)
Mama cloth (currently looking for testers for my soon to be shop)
Crochet skillz
Sewing skillz

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