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possible herpes on a 2 y/o

My DS is 2 and gets a recurring blistery rash, Ive taken him to the Dr. for it, and she says that it looks like herpes. All of our family has been up my butt about how they think the cloth diapers give him the rash, blah blah blah
sometimes its so bad he cant sit on his butt, We have RX cream, and it never makes him better but seems like it makes it feel a little better, we use coconut oil and it just makes him bleed. use CJs and he screams for a good 20 minutes after you put it on. The Dr. cannot test for Herpes unless the blisters are unopened. and they never are long enough for us to get him in for the test.
The Dr. said the Herpes likely came from someone changing his diaper after messing with their cold sore. His Dad gets cold sores, but he and I are not together, so I dont know when he has cold sores etc... I guess I would like to know if any of you have the same issue or any advice for making him more comfortable? Thanks so much

I would attach a photo, but i would probably make me cry

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