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Re: NTNP November 11th -November 17th

I'm new to this thread, so if someone could add me to the list that would be GREAT!!!

AOTD: I love how my husband is always on top of things, seems to have everything under control when I'm about to fall apart, and it never seems to bother him. I guess you could say he's the rock of our family and holds us all together and all the while managing to have us laughing the entire time.

AFM: My hubby and I decided earllier this month to NTNP. We made a deal (after our last baby) to wait until our youngest has his 1st birthday before we did anything. Well, his birthday is next week and I'm beginning to suspect something. For the past 5 days I've had boughts of nausa (off and on all day), excessive saliva, excessively tired, headaches, turning my nose up to things I usually LOVE to eat, my boobs are slightly soar, bloating, and I'm VERY easily agitated/weepy at random times. I'm not expecting AF until 24th, so I'm trying to be patient, but I'm not a very patient person. Even DH is starting to suspect something. I calculated when I should have O and it is VERY possible that I could be expecting because everything would have been in line. So now I'm just sort of stuck waiting around to see if AF comes or not.
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