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Re: What's up with my chart?

Originally Posted by katiecornflakes View Post
Yay! I thought FF might be mad about the open circles.

When I was nursing my LP slowly lengthened out until it was adequate to get pg. Just b/c you were 8-10 days the last few cycles doesn't mean it can't be 12 now. In fact, that could be great! Are you testing progesterone or supplementing, too? I just supplemented in the 2WW until I got pg. My OB was ok with that, though, once I showed her how short my LP was.

Right now we are just going to be testing progesterone. I'm too late into this cycle, so I have to wait until CD25 of my next cycle. I wasted way too much time with my last Dr (we've now been ttc #2 for 19 cycles) and just had my first appointment with our clinics RE.
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