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Re: possible herpes on a 2 y/o

My son (2) has been dealing with a reoccurring blistery rash on his penis. We've seen 4 pediatricians, a urologist, 2 pediatric urologists, and a dermatologist. One of the last peds we saw thought that it *might* be herpes so they cultured it. It ended up being negative. Which I suspected because neither DH nor I have ever had any cold sores and no one else changes his diaper.

Like you, we tried every cream, every solution. I have found that if my diapers aren't getting REALLY clean we have the outbreaks more often. I have no idea why, but I've found that if I bleach the diapers every 2 months or so, we almost never have outbreaks. If we do get an outbreak, I've found that the Grovia Magic Stick helps it clear so much faster. I had actually never tried it because I was afraid that the scents, etc in it would hurt him, but we tried it last time, and it made such a difference. He healed almost completely in a couple of days, as opposed to a week or so. I have no idea why, but the magic stick helps. Everything else I had tried just made it worse.

I know how frustrating this is! Good luck with getting it under control!
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