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I find this amusing

I work at a courthouse with metal detectors and x-ray machines at each entrance. The other day I was toting my breastpump to work through my usual entrance and there was a new security guard working. As my pump went through he stopped the conveyor belt and started questioning me about the "box" in my bag, can I pull it out, etc. Annoyed, I yelled loud enough for everyone in line to hear : "THAT'S MY BREAST PUMP. I USE IT TO EXPRESS BREAST MILK FOR MY NEWBORN BABY. HERE, LET ME SHOW IT TO YOU."

He got really embarrased and started stuttering and turning red. It was awesome. And now when I go through he winks at me.

Moral of the story: Embarrass them more than they embarrass you. And if you want to bomb a courthouse, just tell them it's your breastpump. (Kidding, of course) #topnotchsecurity
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