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Originally Posted by Mom2jandb

Thank you for the response! We've been dealing with sensory issues since birth too.

I am totally clueless about going about this... How did you get a diagnosis, and do you think it was important? I'm assuming so since it must have led to the OT.
We went through early intervention until he turned 3 then worked with the school district. He had an IEP until he resolved his speech issues. We homeschool so I wasn't interested in keeping the IEP once he no longer needed special Ed services and I never messed with the medical diagnoses they wanted to do through the hospital because it was so expensive. I didn't want to label my son more than I had to in order to get him the services he needed so we just have a developmental diagnoses vs the full medical diagnosis.

We dealt with serious speech delays but his language developed early and he has an extremely high IQ. He can't read social cues and unfortunately that's caused him to get into a few dangerous situations which is partially why we homeschool now.
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