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Re: Coats and Carseats...

Originally Posted by kaimon View Post
We don't do coats in the carseat. Fleece underneath, buckle fast and then either jacket or blanket on top.

That said - I have yet to see any actual crash test safety videos on this issue. I see all the youtube videos and pictures and blogs of the with coat without coat thing and what bugs me is that while I completely understand there is risk of compression during a crash - a coat cannot compress to the point of non-existence. It just can't. So those pictures are not 100% representative of what would *actually* happen in the event of a crash.

Cloth diapers did the exact same thing as those coats did in those pictures. With the diaper the harness was not nearly as tight as without. And yet everyone claims that they don't pose a risk of compressing so it's safe. But the before and after photos would look the same - so how's that proof?

Now, I have no intention of taking that risk. Like I said - we don't use coats in the car. But I am not completely convinced the risks are as high as suggested by some.
Regular coats are made with fiber fill. If you want to see how well those compress, take a look at space bag videos. They really do compress to next to nothing. A cloth diaper won't do that - they're many layers of cotton or hemp or microfiber. They might compress a little, but not like a fiber fill or down puffy coat will. The point of those coats is to puff up and trap a thick layer of air against the body to make it feel warm. The point of a cloth diaper is obviously somethign completely different.

To the OP's question, I put my girls in car seat ponchos. Or rather the older one is in a poncho and the younger one is in a carrier carseat with a shower cap style cover and will be getting a car seat poncho for when she goes into a convertible seat right after christmas. If it's especially cold (and wind chill can peak at around -40 degrees celcius around here) I'll layer them up with fleece jackets and pants, and baby legs underneath. Several thin layers is safer than one thick puffy one. I try to just not go out when it snaps that cold, but sometimes you don't have a lot of choice.
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