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Amish birth center study

I came across this article yesterday while I was perusing the science news. I found it interesting and wanted to share. I would like to read the actual study but haven't found the time yet to look that up yet thanks to pink eye being in my house.

I think the one lady (emmag) in the comments section had an interesting thought.

"birthing centers can deliver babies "almost" as safely as hospitals? C-sections come with all sort of complications that can be life threatening to mothers, reducing them makes delivery safer in apparently all but 4% of women. Currently nearly, 60% of women are given c-sections in hospitals, this would make birthing centers safer than hospitals."

I realize she's not quite right with her percentages but it's still a good point. IMHO. I wonder how the birth centers complication rate compares to hospitals complication rates in the area.

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