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Re: Amish birth center study

Interesting article. I am glad that VBACs are becoming more widely accepted as a whole and perhaps this can be reduced in all hospital births as doctors become more comfortable or the older ones retire and some younger ones come in.

I think though, that the difference is simply that people who choose to work in birth centers are more open to natural births. You are usually dealing with midwives, etc.

Also, the number of births in a place probably has a lot to do with how women are pressured into csections. For instance, I am choosing between two hospitals for this birth. One of them, very vbac friendly - btw, has had a record of 41 births in a day at their facility. The other averages 2-4 births a day. So, the staff at one place would be a lot more extended than the other and I think this would easily contribute to the difference in csection rates.

The article seems to indicate that it took about 17 years to get almost 1000 births at that center, so on a day to day basis, they're definitely dealing with a completely different atmosphere.
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