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Originally Posted by Kiliki
I only told DH in a cute way w/this current baby.

He was DONE DONE DONE - "chop my boys off" - DONE after baby #2. Then we got pg w/#3.

And then he was like, "Kill me now" done.

Well, we knew an oops was possible b/c we knew from baby #3 that we suck at charting and that my body throws funky temps occasionally, but we still relied on charting anyway. So, while we were seriously discussing the whole "permanent" solution, I got pg again.

We were going on vacay to a place on a lake that has been in my family for about 4 or 5 generations. The same place where he took my dad fishing and asked him if he could marry me. And then gave me my promise ring.

So, on our second day there, I went out on the lake with him in the paddle boat. We were flirting and playing and talking.... I said, "Do you remember being here and asking my Dad to marry me?" He said yes, of course. I said, "Would you do it all over again? Knowing that 6 yrs in, you'd have *THREE* kids?" He smiled and said, "I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Then he kissed me. And while he was kissing me, I took out the BFP (I'd hid it in my lap under a sweatshirt), pulled away, plopped it on his lap and said, "What about FOUR?"

He was speechless for a good 3-5 mins. We both cried and laughed. He wasn't upset at all, like I worried so much he would be. He was more excited than I was, I think!

And then we rowed to shore and told the rest of my huge family that was there.
^ Such a great story!
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