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My life has been insanely busy over the last 6 months and I stopped using my Cloth. I sadly decided to go ahead and sell it all since I'm no longer using it... I have tried to categorize everything so that it is adequately priced and described. I would love to sell in as few lots as possible!

I forgot to mention, all diapers come with both inserts!

The first set are still in great condition! No issues, still stretchy in the elastic, Aplix is still sticky. The only issues are that they are pilly around the tabs and maybe a little pilly around the aplix. All 6 of these are aplix. I am asking $14PPD.
-Ribbit--- SOLD
-Twilight (has a small spot on front where it was snagged a little by the Aplix)
-Retail Therapy
-Free Spirit--- SOLD
-Jet Setter--- SOLD
(It is actually pictured with the gently used section. I decided to move it to this section because the Aplix is a little fuzzy on one side. Doesn't affect the function, just appearance)

Attachment 124699

The second set I would call gently used condition. No issues, stretchy elastic, Sticky Aplix, No Pilling. I am asking $15PPD each.
These are Snaps:
-Ribbit--- SOLD
-Grasshopper--- SOLD
-2 Butternut--- SOLD 1 of 2
These are Aplix:
-2 Clementine
-Albert--- SOLD
-Concrete Jungle--- SOLD
-2 Eiffel Tower
-Retail Therapy--- SOLD

Attachment 124700

The final set are all in Like New condition. These were maybe used for a month at most in my large rotation. No issues, still look new.
All of these are Snaps, except one of the Moonbeam are Aplix. I am asking $16PPD each.
-4 Mirror--- SOLD
-Jet Setter---SOLD
-3 Sassy---SOLD
-Free Spirit---SOLD
-Albert--- SOLD
-2 Moonbeam Snaps--- SOLD 1 of 2
-Moonbeam Aplix
-2 Twilight

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BG Diaper Sprayer- Still works great! No issues! I have the directions and packaging that I can send with it! I am asking $30PPD.--- SOLD

Planet Wise Pail Liners $13PPD each
-Spearmint--- SOLD
-Avocado--- SOLD
-Ocean--- SOLD

2 Large Hemp Babies Hemp doublers I used these for a few months. No issues, still work great! I would like to sell these together $4PPD--- SOLD

I have a TON of Hemp Doublers that I was making for myself and several friends of mine. They are exactly like the Large Hemp Babies except I made them squared on the edges instead of rounded. I have NEW and some that were used a handful of times. The NEW $3PPD each, the USED $2PPD each.

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