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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

this does get confusing because of so many different recommendations. I know the pressure well (!!) -- because of grandmothers and daycare providers. They think you need to feed babies "real food." Right, cause breast milk isn't real. Drives me nuts. I started both my kids after 6 months. Actually held my son off- likely I didn't need to do that, just made me feel better. I also do baby led weaning so DS did it all himself except for yogurt. I don't even spoon feed oatmeal. I hear MANY people say that starting late (aka 6 months) makes kids pickier. I say its about the kids, not when you start them. My kids eat everything- but its just because of who they are. If I'm lucky enough to have a 3rd, I wouldn't expect that child to eat the same way-- but in his or her way-- every single person is different!

Bottom line: do what you feel right doing.

I'm going to research again out of interest because my son is over a year now (and daughter is well beyond) so maybe I'm not current (as shown above) but the rec when both my babies were at that age was at least 6 months (WHO. AAP was the only org. riding the fence still saying 4-6) This stuff changes all. the. time.

That's why I'd recommend whatever you think is right

also, my husband was formula fed and started cereal at 3 weeks. Not a typo. Three weeks. (he had an older sister and MIL was going on those recommendations-- which had changed 7 years later-- she was told NOT to breastfeed because it wasn't as good as formula) Recs change all the time. He has NO allergies what so ever and is a really smart guy.
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