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Ramblings of a pregnant woman

So as we start into our 3rd trimester, I had some thoughts. I just feel like I am not ready.

I have slowly been getting things ready because I am afraid of what is going to happen as Squishy gets bigger. I know that once "he" gets big enough to be able to hit my kidney, things are going to be BAD. DD enjoyed using my kidney as a kicking bag once she settled into place. Made for fun times.

So I am almost done getting the necessary things. I already set up the changing table and prepped the diapers. I just ordered some more covers as I don't feel a dozen is enough (I will be in and out of the house a lot this time, and need them prepared). I have some pad covers in my cart on Amazon and that is all I have left. I didn't use a changing table (nor even buy one) with DS or DD because #1: no room and #2: I used my bed. But now I have room and I have a bed frame and cannot change Squishy on DH's side as my side will have the crib side-car'ed.

I also put together the crib. We have a MUCH taller bed this time and the crib on the top level is not tall enough. I thought about just having 2 mattresses but a friend suggested making the crib taller to be safer. But I don't know how to do that safely......... ETA: Learned that buying bed risers is a suggestion that a lot of parents do to raise up the crib.

After I put everything together and made it all nice and neat, I looked at it and I just cannot believe that I am going to have a baby for it. I wanted a baby for so long and now it is finally going to happen. Every day I feel Squishy kick (except when it is painful) is just wonderful. Even though I am having another kidney stone pregnancy, having had done this before plus having MUCH better doctor's and DH, I am relishing every moment.

When I thought I could not get pregnant with IVF, I thought my wish of having more kids was gone. I wavered on having a 3rd off and on because of my health, DS's issues from his brain damage, and DD's genetic connective tissue disorder. But I never once imagined that kidney stones were going to be an issue. Now that I have had a 2nd stone pregnancy, I do not want to have to put myself, my family, or another baby to the medicine that goes along with it. I could not imagine choosing another pregnancy knowing that stones will be there. So I am trying to get DH to get snipped as DH says I need to get a hysterectomy (I hope he is joking). I wanted at least 4 kids, possibly 5.

Every day I am in pain. Some days it is bearable and some days it isn't. I delay taking pain meds as long as possible because I hate taking them. I take them only when not taking them is worse than the side effects of the pain meds. I hate being woozy, I hate that I have to time things perfectly to make sure I don't get BAD heartburn, I hate not being able to parent correctly, I hate the side effects from the pain meds, and I hate that this is my only option. After what happened last week, I know I can't delay taking the pain meds because the pain may spike and then I get another L&D/ER visit.

Am I the only one having this hard of pregnancy? Am I the only one who wishes it was over 3 months ago?
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