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Re: Coats and Carseats...

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
Regular coats are made with fiber fill. If you want to see how well those compress, take a look at space bag videos. They really do compress to next to nothing. A cloth diaper won't do that - they're many layers of cotton or hemp or microfiber. They might compress a little, but not like a fiber fill or down puffy coat will. The point of those coats is to puff up and trap a thick layer of air against the body to make it feel warm. The point of a cloth diaper is obviously somethign completely different.
I'm not doubting that they compress. But using a different metaphor still does not prove the point. You'd then have to prove that the force of a space bag is the same as the force of impact in a collision at some point.
I just wish there were actual crash test videos available.
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