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Re: Teachers gifts

Originally Posted by TeachinAuntie View Post
I like the crayon pictures more, but the gemstone one would be easier. The cake idea is ADORABLE!
I have everything for the gemstone one so Im hoping my son picks that one to do

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
Please oh please oh please DO NOT get a coffee mug for the teacher I have soooo many that I have received over the years. That I finally donated.

I LOVE the crayon one and we plan on doing that this year for ds's teacher. Maybe throw in a small gc to a coffee place (if she drinks coffee) or Target (I loved getting target cards).

the supply cake is also cute!
I love the supply cake!

Originally Posted by Kason's mommy View Post
Just be prepared to see more than one of the crayon pictures. It is very popular thanks to the beauty of pinterest LOL.
I know!We shall see.

Originally Posted by mom22sofar View Post
I did a lot of asking around last year and most of my teacher friends said the best gifts were consumables like starbucks gift cards if they drank coffee or gift cards for restaurants or whatever. One friend made a great point that she had 22 kids in her class and sometimes the mugs/crafts and such got overwelming. The honest answer I got about baked goods as well really varied on the teacher-some liked this idea, but others would leave them in the staff room or whatever b/c they got so much of that over the holidays and were trying to be healthy.
I would love to buy a gc but we are having a hard time financially and I have most if not all of the supplies above in my stockpile
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