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Re: possible herpes on a 2 y/o

My second dd had rash problems.

The first thing I always did was stick her in a disposable to figure out if the problem was coming from her, or from the diaper. I've had both problems.

When it was her, it was poop related. It just BURNED her poor bum no matter how fast I got that diaper off. A nurse suggested healing her gut and using baby probiotics in her milk. For her it was a miracle and everything was better as long as I used it.

When it was the diapers, it was that they simply were not clean enough. Sometimes you need to bleach them. For her, I needed to bleach regularly. I was washing cotton diapers using HOT water (like I can't put my hand in it hot), and using Tide, but if I went without the bleach for too long she'd get a rash.

Not sure if any of that will help you but thought I"d offer it up anyway. When her rashes were really bad they did well with a cotton prefold with no cover. I put her in the bath a lot too.
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