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Re: What is the next step?

So, disposables? My personal experience is that disposables make potty learning difficult because kids don't feel when they are wetting. They need that feedback loop tip be able to gain control of the whole process. I suspect that sposie diaper and pullup companies do that on purpose, as it keeps children in their products longer and puts more $$ in their pockets, but I digress.

If this were my child, I would move her to something that allows her to feel wet when she pees, but doesn't subject her to the humiliation of accidents, per se.

My older daughter had been in disposables, and I found the transition to be too big of a jump for one step. What I did with her was buy oversized cotton training pants and cheap cloth diapers (Gerber, I think). I stuffed the cloth diaper into the pants. It held the pee, but she felt the wetness, and learned pretty quickly. It wasn't pretty, but it worked. I din't think I'd have tried to send her to school that way, though.

My younger daughter has always been in cloth diapers, and we are just now moving to cloth trainers. There are a number of good ones out there -- flip trainers, antsy pants, swaddlebees, tinkle time trainers, snap-EZ, etc. those are more like cloth diapers in that they allow the child to feel wetness, but go on and off like a pullup.

If you didn't want to invest in cloth trainers, you could get some cheap cloth diapers ( or t-shirts, or thin towels) and cut them to fit inside her current diapers. One thin layer of cotton inside would allow her to feel the wetness, but still contain the mess, I would think. Mind you - I haven't tried this; it's just an idea I came up with. If they were really cheap and small, though, they wouldn't be a big investment or laundry commitment, and if a few got tossed accidentally, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Soooo, these are just my experiences and thoughts. Others may have very different input for you. Good luck!
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