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Re: possible herpes on a 2 y/o

what kind of diapers are you using? My daughter is currently healing from a nasty yeast rash right now. Nystatin is what they prescribed for her. I used it for 2 days and it did nothing. It was getting worse. I did ONE swab of her rash with genetian violet and would you believe it's gone. She was uber purple for a couple of days, but it's seriously gone. I also made sure I bathed her at least once a day, especially after pooping. And she has been living in prefolds. Coverless as much as possible and changed as soon as possible after peeing/pooping. she has also had a staph infection in the past that had blisters and was horrid. That was much worse to deal with. Hope you get it cleared up soon! I would imagine if it hurts to put anything on it, air would be the best thing.
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