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Re: What no one tells you about a miscarriage - graphic

Mine is still a work in progress as it's not over yet, but this isn't something anyone wants to hear about, so it's nice to have somewhere to get it all out.

I found out I was measuring WAY behind at my 9wk ultrasound. I had to wait until that Friday to hear that my beta levels were dropping rapidly. Saturday I had a bit of bleeding, then it stopped completely. A little spotting on Sunday, but not anything note worthy. Monday nothing. All day Tuesday I had regular bleeding. Wednesday morning I got up and when I went to the bathroom I passed 2 large "globs". It may have been the blood that collected while I slept. All day Wednesday steady bleeding. Wednesday evening while cleaning the kitchen there was a huge gush. I seriously wondered if I peed myself. Went to the bathroom and the blood was just flowing out. No sooner did it slow and I wiped and got up I felt another gush. Passed several large globs again. This was definitely not from pooling blood as I had been standing for quite some time.

So my body is at least making progress. It sucked a LOT having to wait over a week, knowing my baby had stopped living, but nothing happening.

I haven't had much pain so far. I don't know if the worst is yet to come or if I'm just lucky. I guess time will tell.

ETA---I'm 99% certain everything has passed now. I haven't had cramping, so I was just going about my life. Well, as a result, I wasn't on the toilet when everything came out. Talk about a horrible sensation. Feeling everything come pouring out into your pad/underwear. But the bleeding slowed immediately and I don't feel "heavy" down there any more. I almost feel bad that it was so easy physically, but I have SUPER fast and easy labors, so maybe they go right in line with each other. I don't know. I hope it's over now though so I can try to move forward.
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