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Re: Medical bills and scam?

Call your doc's office and see if they outsourced so test to this lab.

Also call your insurance co and see if they have been billed by this lab. You should have received an explaniation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance co saying they had received a claim from this office, for x service of y day. The EOB should also tell you the portion of the claim covered by insurance and your responisiblity. The "your responisibility" amount should add up to the amount the lab/dr ofc is asking you to pay.

I have received bills from for lab work which was done outside the dr's office (both for prenatal and regular care). The labs portion (of my insurance) is always separate from dr service, even with covered lab work. The labs portion of my prenatal care is outside the global payment to my dr but that's how my insurance works.

I've found with my insurance co, the customer service reps were super nice and super helpful for understanding the benefits and bills.

One suggestion, I did this with my first pregnancy. I got a binder and put in all the medical bills and EOBs. I matched up the EOBs (usually I'd get copies from ins. co before an actual dr. bill) and dr. bills. Once you start looking at the bills and the EOBs together, they become a lot less mystical/Greek and a lot more like regular bills. The amounts and dates of service should match up. Once the bill was paid, I would mark paid with date and move it to a different portion of the binder.

I was really really glad that I did during the pregnancy because once we had the baby and had accrued $35K of bills from the birth I was able to see when the insurance company and providers had made billing errors. For instance, the insurance co rejected the claim for the epidural (randomly amongst the other 150 claims from that week) and said I was 100% responsible and I kept getting bills from the dr. I was able to call the insurance co with the bill and the EOB and straighten out what was a insurance co. error. It helps control the madness and the urge to just through another meaningless bill in the trash.
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