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Originally Posted by MsGiggles
I TOTALLY understand where you are. BTDT, confused, exhausted, and breaking all the rules I set for myself.
For me, the answer was giving her a slightly earlier bedtime, telling her at bedtime that this is it for milk, then sending DH in the rest of the time until feeding seems appropriate or even DH can't hold me back!

disclaimer: this worked well and we gradually pushed the time between feeds, but my DD settled into a pattern of 7pmish bedtime, 11-12ish for one more big feed, the up at 6-7am for morning (but no feeding, just happily awake).

DD2 (10 mos now) rejected me a few weeks back, and I think it might have been bc I wasn't producing enough milk. Think my hormones were going weird on me, and she was getting barely an ounce or so from each breast. Hopefully this is not applicable to you!
Thank you!! So do you think I should wake her 11/12 for an extra feed or just let her be? Tonight she was in bed @645....
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