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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

Originally Posted by Hope4More View Post
As a teacher of middle school, any serious confrontation between students that went unreported due to peer pressure, suicidal behavior, or any physical confrontation would be fair game for a parent to call me at home immediately. I don't post my number, but I don't block it when I call either. I have Emails come in immediately to my phone where there are responded to from 6 am to 9 pm. I think it's a courtesy not everyone can afford, but with just one child, I still can.
I suppose it makes me a B, but I still say not appropriate. It's great that a kid discloses to somebody, and the parent should be reaching out to school personnel...but you, as the teacher, aren't doing anything about it; at least in this state you wouldn't be, any action would be counseling, SW, or administrative. Likewise, you can't do anything about it from home. So great, you accepted a parent report at home, but you have to wait until tomorrow to do anything about it...ergo, in my mind, the report could have waited until tomorrow. And if it's a serious enough incident, say requiring a trip to the ER or something of the sort, the administrator should be notified; the teacher is not the appropriate point of first contact.

And please don't think I'm not sensitive to the issues you're coming across; DP is a MS teacher & I did my guidance internships at both the MS & HS levels, as well as working as a children's case manager (most of my kids happened to be MS age). I absolutely get the socioemotional & behavioral issues you deal with on a daily basis (in addition to, you know, actually teaching)--but this sort of overextension of "what teachers are responsible for" goes beyond your area of specialty & supports the continuing deterioration of teaching as a profession. I don't mean that to say that you're not a good teacher; I have no knowledge of that...I mean that when you say that "it's a courtesy you can afford" for there to be no distinction between your professional time & personal time, it undermines you and others as professionals. I wouldn't dream of expecting my accountant to be available to me after hours, regardless of the number of children she has. Likewise, I wouldn't dream of calling my human resources director at home "b/c I just have a quick question," regardless of her family constellation. Teaching is a profession...I bristle when teachers are treated as less than professionals in general, and I get all when teachers themselves allow themselves to be treated as less than professionals.
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