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Re: Need sleep advice, if you breastfeed but dont co sleep (or didnt)

We have been struggling with the same thing -- DS is 15 months. Our ped recommended waking DS up starting 30mins BEFORE he normally woke for the 11/12 feeding. I work evenings so I would wake him up when I got home at 1130pm. Do that for a few days and then move it back 30min-1hr. Do that for a few days and then move it back again. The idea is that eventually he will not get up at all for the feeding. It worked for us initially and we went from 4-5 night wakings down to 2-3. Now we have 2 molars cutting and the time change really messed him up so we need to start over again.
We also found that if DH goes in when DS wakes, sometimes he will go back to sleep within a few minutes and won't need a bottle or nurse session. It's like DS expects/depends on it being me but when it's DH coming in, he is OK with just a quick rock in the chair and his paci. Doesn't always work but sometimes it does. Otherwise DH gives him a bottle.
Wish I had the answer for you and me. Last night was the best night so far with only 2 wakings so I am keeping my fingers crossed he will do as well tonight. We both were much happier today. GL !!

ETA : Oh, and we moved DS bedtime back to 730pm
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