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Re: Bare Bottles OR Your Suggestion :)

I found that the breastflow only leaked if the nipple wasn't screwed on tightly e nough. I also love that they have the regular and disposable option- I had a ton of liners from a bottle that didn't work and I was able to use them with these! They took my LO a few tries to get the hang of, but he had a major bottle preference. Now he hasn't had a bottle all day and only one yesterday!

He refused the Tommee Tippee at first, but now takes it fine. I like the shape a lot.

Playtex NaturaLatch work well for awhile too, but the flow was still too fast for him. The latex nipple worked better for him and I could only find silicone when that one got old and broken (borrowed from a friend).

To help with breastfeeding and nipple preference/confusion I found we had to use wide nipples. But we were ableto get away with the Dr. Brown Preemie nipples in regular size sometimes, though he still would eat too fast.

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