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I realize not all of us cloth diaper purely for economical reasons, but I found this

It's a website that allows you to calculate exactly (down to the penny) how much you pay for electricity for just about any appliance in the house. I honestly don't know how I came across it. I'm a nerd and like to research. At the top of the page, the automatic amount is $0.1099 per KWH (kilowatts pers hour), so change it if your area is different (for example, I pay electricity through my city and my bill says the cost is $0.11230). So I scrolled down to the "laundry" section and calculated the cost of all those pre-rinses in cold, hot washes, and 90min in the dryer -- I have an older machine that seems to take me longer to dry towels and dipes (so this total cost doesn't include price for water...just cost of electricity) and it turns out I pay about $24/month in electricity to wash my diapers ( I wash every other day). I can buy a months worth of disposable diapers (Target brand) for about $24-$25. While I am all about saving the Earth, I find it a little funny that it's really not saving me any money to cloth diaper. Keep in mind that I don't know if this site is referring to appliances that are HE or not. Mine happened to be older top loaders, so I know they use a lot of water (therefore using more electricity to heat that hot water). So I'm sure it could cost less for those with HE machines. I could also line dry (though I live in MN and it'd have to be an indoor sorta line). And I could try washing in warm (though I do sorta like my current routine in hot).

I just think it's kind of funny because all this time I thought I was saving SO MUCH by cloth diapering. I figured "hey, I already own the diapers, so I'm not having to budget extra to go out and by disposables". When all I was really doing was paying that same dollar amount on my electric bill. Haha!

Random food for thought ;-)
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