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Re: WDYT? Payment to a MW who dropped me at 40+ weeks/MW who picked me up?

Originally Posted by Belle View Post
If you paid in-full to MW1, and it was understood that MW2 was her backup, and this is the arrangement you had in writing with them, then they should work it out between themselves. MW2 should get paid, but how much should be completely a business decision between her and MW1.

Even if you aren't paid up and need to give a percentage to MW2, that should be an agreement made between the two of them and you just send the check where it needs to go (with everything agreed to in writing, of course). You shouldn't be out more money than you originally agreed to pay MW1 if they were really working together from the beginning.
I agree. There should be a behind the scenes agreement between the partnered midwives.

That being said, if you have any remaining payments to MW1 I would hold on to that and talk to MW1 and MW2 before you pay either person. But if you are paid in full I think you are kind of stuck hoping that MW1 will make the money part fair.
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