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Originally Posted by canadianbakers
With my first OB I'm sure we could have brought an older child - but it was our pregnancy for DD, so there were no other kids. *sigh* I loved that OB.

At the hospital here, you are not allowed to have anyone in the room with you. You are not allowed to see the screen. The tech rarely speaks or says anything (even just small talk, bedside manner stuff). They tell you nothing, don't check for gender. They will show you baby for a couple minutes at the end of the scan, if they decided there is time.
At that point, if your partner is there they would be allowed in. No children are welcome under any circumstances.

I freaking HATE that u/s dept.
I have had some rude and disgusting comments made by various techs there.

It's because of their "rules" and the fact that they will not change/bend them under any circumstances that I refuse to go there this time.
I can't face an u/s without DH there beside me. And I can't lay there for over an hour before I even see this baby. I need to see Hiccup moving and kicking, then the tech can take the screen and do whatever needs to be done. But I NEED that reassurance first, I need to know I'm not laying there with another dying or all ready dead baby inside me.

(sorry. I have a lot of anxiety about this. )
Wow that is horrible! I have been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now for ruptured membranes. We do twice weekly u/s BPP's and they are wonderful. I go to the radiology dept for them. They show us everything, explain it all to us. The tech scans us first then the perinatologist comes in and scans again. Both are wonderful and explain and show us everything. Nothing is hidden at all. Dh goes down with me everyone and nothing is said about it.

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