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Re: Prayers for my SIL's BIL.

Sorry I haven't been back to update any sooner. Your prayers are working, and he is doing great (considering)!! It is going to be a really slow recovery for him, but he is alive. He is still in the ICU b/c they can't control his blood pressure, but he is only on a saline drip, no vent or anything else. He still can't speak, but he can use his arms/hands and has come up with his own kind of sign language. He has no peripheral vision, and cannot move his eyes at all, so he has to move his entire head to look around. He is doing great, otherwise, though, and as soon as they can get his blood pressure under control they will move him out of the ICU. Since the stroke was in his brain stem, they can't go in to fix it without turning him into a vegetable, so they are letting it heal on its own.

Keep the prayers coming, they still need them and appreciate any they can get. They said to say thanks!
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