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Re: I realize not all of us cloth diaper purely for economical reasons, but I found t

Mine came up to $12.49 a month. Which isn't entirely accurate though. I put in 30 loads with hot wash but actually only do 20 (10 loads run through twice) but that wasn't an option. I put 15 loads in the dryer but I do 10 loads again 10 loads.

I redid to get accurate estimates. This is what I came up with.

1 load washed hot wash warm rinse .52 cents

Multiply by 20 washes or ten double cycles $10.40

1 full load dry on high .22

Multiply by 10 loads dried $2.20

My total monthly cost for diaper washing minus water and detergent $12.60

Hanging diapers on the line to dry it seems would only save us $2.20 a month.

This isn't entirely accurate as I have my water set at 140 degrees and my water heater is gas. But I think we are still saving since it costs me for gasoline $4 each trip I make across town. I would have to go more often to pick up sposies.

If I subtract what I would have spent in gas going to get sposies I am $4.60 OOP on diaper laundry each month.

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