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Re: Need sleep advice, if you breastfeed but dont co sleep (or didnt)

I breastfed all four kids and never co-slept. They night-weaned around 3-4 months using the method I describe below, but BF until my supply dried up from the next pregnancy (usually 18-24 month).

The best thing we ever did was wait a few minutes when baby cries out at night before going in to feed (starting at birth). Often times they are just fussing in their sleep as they transition between sleep cycles. By going in there to nurse, I would be inadvertently waking them up instead of letting their bodies transition to the next cycle (even though they sometimes fussed so much they seemed really awake). I would watch the clock and make myself wait 5-10 minutes before going in. It was hard but I was really doing my babies a favor by not interrupting their sleep.

When we had sleep regressions with older babies, I found that putting them to bed slightly earlier helps, along with waking before the feed like pp said. So put him to bed at say 7:00-7:30, wake again at maybe 10:00 to dream feed. Also having DH go in instead of mama helped, like pp said they expect milk from me .
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