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Re: Cytotec induction?

I got cytotec with my first to ripen my cervix. That was 6 years ago and I think some of the risks werent as readily known. That said it was my best and fastest labor. I got a total of 1/2 pill (they did 1/4 each time) inserted vaginally. Knowing what I know now I don't know if I would agree to it again but it really was not a bad experience at all. I did still have pitocin though, the induction was not only dependent on cytotec. They did 1/4 pill at 9 pm then another 1/4 at about 1 am. It did get me from 1 cm to 3 cm but did not actually cause any noticeable contractions.

There are some scary stories floating around about it and you have to weigh the risk. When I went in for my induction with my 3rd cytotec was discussed and I see a grop of midwives who I trust 1 thousand percent, they felt very strongly that any risk was absolutely minimal if it was administered cautiously. I ended up just starting with pitocin since I was contracting regularly and had been 4-5 cm for several days.
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