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Re: WDYT? Payment to a MW who dropped me at 40+ weeks/MW who picked me up? UPDATED

Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey View Post
Are you paying OOP? Is it really up to you who it goes to?
That's crappy she dropped you - but it also sounds like it might be a blessing in disguise. I surely wouldn't want someone that didn't respect my wishes at my birth.

ETA: Oh, you already gave birth. Doh, sorry.
Yes, it was so totally and completely a blessing in disguise.

Originally Posted by doulamomma View Post
But really, what mw isn't comfortable with a woman going past 40weeks?? Seems off to me. Sounds like she just never felt comfortable with you or something weird.
Yes, she was uncomfortable from the beginning but I didn't really realize what a BIG problem it was until I felt like it was too late to do anything about it. I will say that I learned a lot. I had given her all of my history but for some reason...ugh, I don't know. We hit it off great and I loved her personality but we just weren't a good fit when it came to birth. I don't like when this term is thrown around and I don't use it lightly but I would categorize her as a "MEDwife". It wasn't what I was looking for. I am much more laid back than she could handle. Not all midwives are created equally and my first set of HB MWs spoiled me rotten!!! I am so happy that I got them first and learned to completely trust my body.
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