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Re: I realize not all of us cloth diaper purely for economical reasons, but I found t

Since figuring out our washing costs I thought to figure out our laundry water cost. To the best of my ability I have come up with $5.09 for the month. So with my estimates from my previous post we spend not including detergent $17.69 a month for our total washing costs. With detergent, fabric softener, oxyclean, borax, and washing soda I estimate between $5-$7 more a month. Making my laundering costs between $23-$25 a month everything included.

Now that can be counted against cloth but this is assuming we wouldn't have had any leaky diaper laundry to do with sposies. This along with the cost of gas to get the sposies to me at least in part cancel each other out. Any leaky diapers we have now just go on his woolies which I of course hand wash requiring only a few gallons of water.
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