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Re: Vent! and praise

hang in there mama

I had those daycare over feeding problems (with both kids at the same place!!) and only a monthly BF support group LC kept me sane. And I am transported back to the tiny (but nice) room a few floors up where I would sit, pump and worry I couldn't keep up. Somehow it worked both times. Our daycare is so used to formula, they really don't know what to do-- I made soooo many lists and explained everyday. Some days were so frustrating, I wondered why I worked. Sometimes the teachers would have the director call me and tell my my kids were hungry and not getting enough. Really pulls the heartstrings even when you know its not true. [always exceptions- on teacher had 2 11 months apart and EBF while working-- she is my hero ] our daycare would loose it accreditation if it allowed CD. How insane is that? And I can guarantee they wouldn't do it because it freaks the teachers out.
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