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Re: I realize not all of us cloth diaper purely for economical reasons, but I found t

Wow, what a neat site! I calculated my cost: I wash every 3 days and if dipes are not completely dry with one dryer cycle, I just hang them to air dry, or throw them in with the next dryer load, so I'm only calculating 1 dryer cycle for my dipes, 1 cold wah/cold rinse, and 1 hot wash/warm rinse. My total came out to $10.02 per month. I know this doesn't include the cost of the diapers or the water used to wash, but I would have easily spend more than twice that on sposies every month! Also, even if I'm not saving a ton of $$ using cloth, I still LOVE the convenience of not having to run to the store at 3am 'cause nobody noticed that they used the last diaper at bedtime!UGH!! (I so don't miss those days!LOL) I also like the thought that I'm not contributing to landfill pile's, and the thought that there are no chemicals touching my babies sensitive skin is also nice. I know everyone has their own reasons for using/not using cloth and I am totally happy with mine and what it is costing me.
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