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Originally Posted by chandni3
Can you share any decorating tips or traditions that you love? Do to a change in our religious beliefs we gave up Christmas a few years ago and now celebrate Chanukah. However I do miss all the beautiful decorations and atmosphere. I've found some nice Chanukah music but all the decorations seem to be very chitzy. Is there any way to decorate a bit and have it be more sophisticated? I'm thinking maybe we could still do a winter village, or maybe a temple and Jerusalem scene. We put up blue lights outside. I know I'm kinda replacing Christmas and the Chanukah festival but I don't want my children to feel left. Any other ideas?
Like you, we also gave up Christmas. Now that I'm married with kids, I too am struggling with what to do to make it special for them. If you celebrate the other feasts, Sukkot, Passover, etc., you can really play them up as well. I love the blog that a pp shared a link to, she has so many great ideas for all the feasts! My mom does a winter theme, with lots of blue and white, snowmen and what not.
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