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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

Originally Posted by IndoorKitty View Post
I don't think anyone in their right mind would scold a parent for calling in this situation. I think the point that jbug_4 is making is that a better choice would be to notify the school during school hours. Most schools have access to counselling staff who are trained to respond to the situation correctly. Student suicides are "contagious;" letting the other kids know what is going on needs to be handled by someone with training in that area.
Yes. We seem blur the boundaries. A teacher is a teacher not a counselor or mental health professional nor are they your friend or even your child's friend. The best that a teacher can do in this situation is to be aware and be understanding. There is nothing else that the teacher could or can do until the child returns to school- and even then be aware and understanding are pretty much it. There is no reason the teacher needed to be called at home- it doesn't benefit anyone. When take the emotional aspect out of it and looks at facts- It is not an emergency- an emergency is something the would require immediate action or like the situation indoor kitty wrote about. I don't think anyone would get upset over being called in this situation, but its still not the appropriate thing to do. I wasn't saying- How dare them- but that the situation isn't an emergency and didn't need to be addressed at that time.

I know it doesn't sound like it, but I am incredibly sensitive and empathetic person. I understand why the parent called, but it still doesn't mean they should have. The thread was about calling teachers at home during off hours. The point not being whether the parent was grieving and not concerned with appropriate behavior but the point being- Unless there is something the teacher can do right then or before the next school day then there isn't a reason to call the teacher at home during off hours. Those are the guidelines we follow for calling ANY professional during off hours- Which I can say I have only done once in my life so far- and that was a co-worker when I needed to know where they put something I needed for a counseling session (shocker for everyone who thinks I am insensitive- I was a preschool teacher, a children's group counselor and hotline counselor in a domestic violence shelter). I love people and I care deeply about others.
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