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Originally Posted by mommabritt
We have three boys, ages 9, 7, and 4. Before dd was on the way we would hear COUNTLESS times 'you trying for that little girl right??' Once I was pregnant they would say 'please tell me that's finally a girl in there!' After dd was born and even now in the present I get stopped ALL the time by random strangers...'oh you finally got a girl!' 'Well she doesn't stand a chance does she??' 'I bet daddy's happy to finally have a girl!'

Um, excuse me rude stranger, do you not realize that minimizing the importance if my sons is hurtful to them?? Do you not see that commenting that we 'finally did something right' means our boys were all wrong?! Please close your mouth and walk away before I
Oh me gee I could have written this verbatim!
And don't forget "Oh now you have a little princess to spoil!"
Like our boys are chop liver? She's just as spoiled as our boys were thank you. If she turned out to be a boy he would have been just as loved. We aren't finding out the gender with this one (due in 5-6 wks!!) partly because I don't want to deal with comments. It never occurred to me that we would still get comments like "So this is your last right?". I understand people feel the need to comment when they see a big family but can they please think before opening their mouths???
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