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Re: Preschoolers and healthy diet

Just let it pass. Your already doing what you can with involving her with the cooking and choosing. The only thing I might suggest is try them in a different way. Like for dd there was a while that she didn't want any of her veggies cooked so we just gave them to her raw. She still does this with carrots and peppers- she won't either cooked only raw, she inhales them raw. We also put veggies in all kinds of stuff. This is for dh's benefit as well. Shredded carrots, zuc and spinach in spaghetti, lasagna or other pasta dishes. Same added to enchilada sauce. Sweet breads with shredded carrots and zuc- like any kind of sweet bread you can add them. My dd also prefers roasted veggies to steamed or sauteed. I also bribe her at times- I make stuff that she use to like so I know she will eat it- then if we have homemade bread or rolls or biscuits (she LOVES homemade breads, rolls and biscuits) I will hold that until she eats some of her food. I do this for more then getting her to eat what she has decided she doesn't want to eat- if I put the bread on the table she will eat all of it and never touch the rest of her food. You could try holding aside something she really likes and tell her she can have when she has eaten- however much you want her to. I know a lot of people have a 2 bite rule- you have to eat 2 bites to get the treat.
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