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Re: the "i told you so" parenting moments

When I was a nanny I worked for a TERRIBLE family, I mean, these people were jerks, and they couldn't/wouldn't set limits for their kids at all. The mom and dad both looked at me like I was a cruel, mean person when I tried to put their 4 year old in time out or tell him he couldn't do something that was clearly dangerous or destructive. Well one day the dad had some buddies over and he wanted to show off what a good dad he was, so he magnanimously announced, "Jenn you should take a lunch break! I will watch X and Y for the next hour!" *cue rapturous applause* No less than 10 minutes later I'm in my room eating when I hear a blood-curdling scream and the dad shouting "Jenn! Oh my gosh, Jenn where are you!?!?" The 4 year old was playing with the gate (which I never let him do) and he pinched his finger. The dad completely panicked, which made the kid freak out even more than he normally would. I got the kid calmed down and put an ice pack on his blood blister, as the dad paced back and forth repeating "I warned him he could get hurt, why didn't he listen!?" Uhh, because he's 4 and you never tell him no. The kid even yelled at the dad that I never let him play with the gate, it was hilarious. The mom got home that night and as soon as she saw his finger she looked at the dad and me and said "Who was supposed to be watching him!" The dad turned white and didn't even admit it was his fault! I ended up taking the blame for that one, but the dad never again second-guessed me when I told his kid to stop doing something dangerous, instead he would say, "X you need to listen to Jenn, she is smart!"

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