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Re: Your least favorite cliche said to parents?

Originally Posted by O'sMommy:) View Post
Aw. Thanks momma! Glad to know I'm not in this alone. Mine has reflux and is on Zantac for it but it seems to be getting worse over the past few days.

People will tell me, "you just need to let him cry it out." Or blahblahblah. I can only listen to a crying baby for so long. I feel horrible enough if I'm holding him and he's crying much less just letting him sit there and cry. I can't do it.

I think I'm going to take him to the dr again today or so bc this is crazy.

Not the poster your responding too but I am going to use one of the dreaded cliches- if you find the right balance it will get better. DD's first year was a nightmare- even her doc blew me off saying she had colic. She never smiled- and I mean NEVER. We got her to laugh once, but we had to work really hard for it. She cried all the time, for hours and hours. There was nothing we could do. Before her we wanted 2 kids, but after we said no way. There is no way we could have another kid and do this again. BUT then at 1 we switched docs and finally got her dairy sensitivity diagnosis. Our lives literally changed overnight. She just stopped crying. With in 2 weeks of getting her off of dairy she smiled for the first time- I broke down in tears. She was just playing on the floor and she smiled. She gained weight, she started doing things. She had to have 2 years of PT to catch up with her gross motor- poor baby was always in too much pain to even try to accomplish milestones. She wasn't crawling or sitting unsupported by 1. She was a completely different child. We always consider her high maintenance, but once her issues were taken care of she isn't at all a high maintenance child. And while we were still hesitant to have another child we did when she was 3. It was one of the best things we have ever done. Ds so far has been the complete opposite. He is healthy, happy and so easy its ridiculous. Of course we could find him so easy because dd was so hard. We have said- never in dd's hearing- that if he had been first we'd probably have 4 kids by now. I can almost guarantee that we wouldn't have willing stopped at 2.
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