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I cannot believe how hungry i am these past few nights. I'm around 9 weeks pregnant and I am nauseous all day till about 5ish and then I'm s~t~a~r~v~i~n~g!

Last night starting at 5pm I ate:

5pm-grilled chicken tenders, homemade mac n cheese, and salad

7ish- i ate a whole grapefruit

8:30pm- I ate an orange

around 10pm I my tummy was growling, so I ate a 5oz steak and fries

10:45..starving again and ate a bowl of applesauce
went to bed.
2:45am- woke up to HUNGER and inhaled a bowl of frosted flakes.

My hunger never really went away yesterday evening. I actually went to bed last night after the steak feeling hungry still!

My husband is like..really? Still?

He says all I ever say is, "I'm so tired. I'm so hungry. and I'm so nauseous."
Guess i do sound like a broken record.

Anyone else starving like this?
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