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Re: S~T~A~R~V~I~N~G

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post
Yep. It is not fun. I have to keep reminding myself to not eat to much. I've already gained 7lbs. :-/
O my. There is no choice for me. When hunger hits I MUST eat! Although so far I lost 3 lbs and then I've gained 4 lbs back.So, i guess technically, I've only gained a pound, but I'm sure at this rate it will start piling on. I usually dont gain more than 25-30 lbs while preggers (without trying with all of my past pregnancies), BUT after I have baby I PACK ON THE POUNDS! I am not one of those mamas who loose weight while nursing. I always gain 30 lbs within months of birthing baby. I really dont want to do that this time, so planning on sticking to a strict healthy nursing diet after baby is born.
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